About US


What Drives Us

Our passion for excellence and persistent & determined work ethic carry our firm to the top month after month. In order to gain the highest level of respect, we are measured only by results and commitment.


Our People

Our network of personnel is ready for any commercial debt challenge. They are trained in the field of debt negotiations, commercial collections, pre-litigation intervention, infield collections and more.


Our Company

The Legal Investigations Group, Inc. serves corporations nationwide and in 72 different countries with their commercial pre-litigation needs. We have more than 32 years of experience and started the company to help corporations serve justice to those who deserve it, without upfront costs or expensive attorney fees.


Our Goal

Making sure you are at the top of the priority list, and serving your company as if we are an extension of your in-house efforts.

It's not about just getting your money either. The underlying goal is to assist you in reviving a proper and respectful business relationship with your debtors and turning those tough customers into customers that will respect you as a business.


LIG Services